Seeing God

A while ago, I had a conversation with an older, Christian woman who has been “saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost” since she was a young girl. Yet she was still struggling with some of the basics in the Christian faith; trusting God and forgiving people who have done her wrong.

I asked her questions, not as her counselor; she had way to many issues and in her mind and conversations she was RIGHT. I asked because I was trying to figure out how I could avoid becoming the older Christian woman who is a prayer warrior at church but is bitter and angry at home.  And as she argued her points about how wrongly she had been mistreated this phrase came to me. I still use it when I speak today and here I’ve beautified it  here Seeing Godfor you.

See The Future

I just returned from a week of training managers and executives skills that will help them be better communicators and leaders. During the breakout sessions there was one theme that kept coming forth. I found myself saying it over and over again so I decided to quote myself with a beautiful graphic.

see the future

Faith Means

Faith means:

You plant the apple seed and nurture it for YEARS, even though there are no apples on it.

You go out and gather wood and put your sweat into it building an Ark even though you’ve NEVER seen rain.

You step onto the wet, soggy floor of the Red Sea and KEEP going even though the waters are still raging on either side of you.

mustard seed faithIn all three of these examples each person had to move forward despite the appearance of “reality” but what is reality anyway?

What we see with our eyes is only the vibration of atoms. But even smaller than atoms are protons, neutrons, quarks, leptons and a host of other subatomic particles that make up the atom. These subatomic particles don’t obey the natural laws and the rules that we are familiar with; but in THEIR world they are doing exactly what they are suppose to. Quantum Physics is teaching us that ANYTHING is possible.

This is the reason that we HAVE to maintain a strong level of FAITH. We have to trust that there are things going on that we can’t see.


When it comes to you building your business or going after your dreams it’s scary to invest in something that’s not there. “Will they really come if I build it? Can you give me a guarantee and put it in writing please?”

No one can guarantee you anything but one thing you KNOW for sure and that is ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! On this earth ANY and EVERY thing is a possibility and science is now confirming this! What we believe is reality is only a collection of atoms vibrating in a particular way. Your belief, action, prayers can cause them to vibrate in a different way and change things around.

Trust. Believe. Walk by Faith and not by sight. For all things are possible.

Definition of Success


What is your definition of success? For some it’s about fame, fortune and money. I define success in such a way that glorifies God, helps mankind and minimizes a lot of stress! This is what I teach my children everyday. My first-born guinea pig got it…that’s him in the picture btw.

teisha shelby houston's definition of success


crazy-motherI hate my mother is a phrase that I hear waaaay to often.

Another one is, ‘my mother is so negative I can’t talk to her!”

Imagine the negative energy that you carry in your body when you” hate”, “can’t stand”, “don’t like” your Original Source. Imagine the strength that is being robbed from you on a daily basis when your thoughts stray to your mother.

Maybe it’s not your mother that you hate, maybe it’s someone else.

mad at everyoneMaybe it’s not an extreme emotion like hate maybe it’s a STRONG dislike that keeps you angry at the person even when you are NOT in their presence. It is a, literal, drain on your energy.

You know how this feels, even hours after your conversation; you feel distracted, impatient; you lack enthusiasm and become pessimistic. It causes tightness and pain in your…chest? Stomach? Butt? In some cases, you’ve given away so much of your energy that you become fatigued and have to lie down.

How long does it take before you calm down; hours, days?anger at your mother drains your energy

I don’t hate my mother but I have leaked YEARS of my life being angry at my husband. He just wasn’t doing what I wanted; needed, expected, assumed husbands are supposed to do.  Because we’re not a yelling, cursing, angry family I calmly expressed my needs, wants, expectations for years and yet he didn’t change his behavior. I cried and pleaded for years and received minimal response (change is difficult).

And when I was diagnosed with cancer in 2000 what I knew to be true became true in my life; pent-up, negative, emotional energy will materialize as a disease in your physical body.

What medical issues are you dealing with?

Boy I started yelling, cursing and demanding to be heard after that! No, just kidding.

martyr mom and wifeEven though I changed my eating and took on some new spiritual practices, like meditation and visualization, I didn’t change how I interacted with him. At that point we had both learned to dance our dance (change is difficult). He continued to be The Emotionally Aloof husband and I was the Martyr Wife & Mother.

What role do you play in your relationship?

I had to change my role in the dance even though the music, the ballroom and my partner remained the same.

Are you waiting for that person to change?

negative energy postive energyStrong emotions, both negative and positive, register in your body. The difference is that positive emotions give you energy and promotes good health; negative emotions rob your energy and your good health.

Jesus tells us to forgive and bless people who we consider to be enemys. Is it possible that he knew then what experts know now? 

Experts tell us that “Every emotional response causes a hormonal release of epinephrine, an adrenomedullary response that occurs in response to stress and that is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system.”

A sudden flow of epinephrine causes changes in the body that includes:

  • heart rate and blood pressure increase
  • pupils dilate to take in as much light as possible
  • veins in skin constrict to send more blood to major muscle groups
  • blood-glucose level increases
  • muscles tense up, energized by adrenaline and glucose
  • smooth muscle relaxes in order to allow more oxygen into the lungs
  • nonessential systems shut down to allow more energy for emergency functions
  • trouble focusing on small tasks

(BTW, these changes are the same as changes that we experience when we are afraid.)

Those people that keep us frustrated, angry and upset all the time are not simply causing problems in our lives but also in our BODIES!

Should you REALLY forgive that person?

Join us on Thursday, Oct. 10 in Greenville, SC as we look at how to get rid of these people…errr emotions that destroy us and do much more harm then the people.

Or stay tuned to this blog and I will share tips here…of course it’s always better in person.

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What To Do When Husband Doesn’t Support You

I’m often asked the question what should I do when:  “my husband doesn’t support me in…quitting my job, starting a home business, going back to work, homeschooingl the children, becoming Vegan?”

mars-venusHere is what I wrote about it on my other website, The Business Coach for

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus and sometimes our perspective on life can be just that opposite. This is very frustrating when married.  God played a wonderfully, cruel joke on us-males and females. We can’t live without each other. We’re naturally drawn to the opposite sex (most of us).  We’re compelled to get married (some of us) and yet we’re so totally opposite that we forget that we’re to be complimentary. If either gender gets bogged down in his or her beliefs we bring frustration and devastation to the relationship.

Of course we should always talk out and talk through our opposing viewpoints. We should always be willing to listen to the other side. We should come to some sort of win-win solution.  But that doesn’t always work. What should you do if your husband doesn’t support you?

If you’ve been married a number of years and your spouse’s (husband or wife) decision making abilities are marred by pride, selfishness, fear, jealously, anger  lack of common sense or sheer stupidity then you are right in making a decision that goes against your spouse’s decision.

That’s right I said it! Some husbands are immature.  Some are irresponsible. Some are just plain lazy.  Some can’t make a loving decision that honors the family because they are to caught up in their own issues. If your husband’s issues have consistently controlled his behaviors, judgments and decision making abilities, for a good number  of years, and he’s not dealing with them or trying to get help, then YOU are sanctioned to make decisions that will advance the unity, health, and stability of the family.

There are some caveats to making decisions when your husband doesn’t support you:

  • The decision should always be to “advance the UNITY, HEALTH and STABILITY of the family”. This is not about YOU getting what you want. There are some selfish, immature, manipulative, stupid wives out there. If you are one of them (be honest with yourself) then you DO NOT have the right to make the decisions for your family.
  • You should seek a multitude of counsel. You should NOT gather your bff’s, your momma and your ex-boyfriend to get their opinions.  If you’re at a cross-road and you’re going to go against the decision of your husband you need to have objective, unbiased opinions.  A Clergyman/woman, a professional counselor, an experienced, wise person AND an older, wise, spiritual person. All four plus anybody in your circle that you know will be honest and upfront with you.
  • Always, Always ALWAYS seek an answer from Spirit. Use prayer, meditation and fasting to guide you. The decisions that we make as parents aren’t just about us.  They literally control the destiny of the children.  There’s nothing worse than to see a husband and wife locked in a stalemate and the children getting beat “upside the head” with the consequences.  Be guided by the Spirit of God.
  • Your stance is only allowed after seeing your husband’s pattern of behavior for a number of years. You can not go into a marriage taking over, bossing him around, and dominating because YOU think HE is stupid. He shouldn’t do that to you and you definitely shouldn’t do that to him. Men need time to mature. And they need their ego stroked as they mature.  As women we have the power to do this delicately and lovingly. The fearful woman who does not understand her power becomes overly aggressive.  Give him his time.  How much time? I don’t know. This is where you will have to use your female intuition and seek counsel.

When you need to do something that your husband doesn’t support, you can be respectful knowing that you have sought counsel from wise, spiritual leaders. You have sought counsel from The Great Spirit and God of All.  You have always been deferential toward his role as the man. And now you must go forward for the unity, health and stability of the family.

You Deserve It…errrr, Why?

you-deserve-whateverI get a little perturbed and/or suspious when I hear the phrase, ‘you deserve it.’

You deserve to be happy; get a divorce.


You deserve that new, expensive sports car, luxury home, fruity shampoo!


You deserve a night on the town to get drunk and wild and have some fun!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to deprive myself of happiness or life’s luxuries or a drunken night on the town (yeah, actually I will ALWAYS deprive myself of that one!), but why do I “deserve it”? What makes me entitled to it? What makes YOU think YOU deserve it?

YouDeserveIt-chocolateWell, ironically this feeling of entitlement is God-given. We were created by a loving God who instilled some innate desires in us. And because they are God-given we are entitled to them.



  • SEX-we all love it (if you weren’t violated at an early age). We actively and  passionately pursue it.
  • FOOD-we all love it. We actively and passionately pursue it. You came out of the womb craving it.
  • GOOD HEALTH-the right to good health is proven by our bodies’ unaided, constant regeneration (BTW, the reason for food is to keep our bodies’ healthy).
  • INDEPENDENCE-is proven by the fact that NO ONE wants to be told what to do. Not even little children! If you tell a 3 month old,”no no!” and take an item away from him, he will not like it. Give Humans a list of Thou Shall Nots and they will!
  • HAPPINESS or Joy-we all love it! Even little babies will obesessively pursue the item, the face, the person who brings them the most joy. We are overjoyed when we can bring someone else joy. Our brains are hardwired to search for happiness/pleasure. We have a fairly large region on our brain that Is responsive to it. This is why addictions are so difficult to cure.


These desires, among others, are all God-given; and for that reason we deserve to have them fulfilled. But in our selfish nature we may pursue them to our detriment and find that we have acquired some other things that we don’t deserve, nor want.


YES, you do deserve to be happy and should NOT be in a marriage that doesn’t uplift you, your partner or the children. But are you creating your own unhappiness by holding on to resentments; by lusting after the greener grass (that doesn’t exist) and in your pursuit of a divorce you create unhappy, angry children?

YES, you do deserve a car, home (or fruity smelling shampoo); but in your pursuit will you create burdening debt? Do your family deserve the absence of the over-time-working family member?

You-deserve-crapYES, you do deserve a wild time of fun and excitement, but do you deserve a hangover, STD and possible drunk-driving record? LOL, I’m just saying…

MY POINT: There are many God-given desires that you do deserve to have fulfilled, but if you are out-of-balance in your pursuit; if you are not wholistic (mind, body, spirit) in your endeavors, you may get the thing that you want but you will also get some things that you DON’T deserve.

you-deserve-GodGod desires Good for us all.

The Bad we bring upon ourselves.

Stay balanced. Check your motives. Pursue life, liberty and happiness. You deserve it!